Sunday, August 8, 2010

Web Scavenger Hunt

Animal Adventure
Take a Virtual Field Trip to the Zoo
Pet as many animals as possible.

Find one animal to research.
Explore these websites to answer the questions below:
Essential Question:  How is this animal similar to humans? What traits do you share with your animal? What is the main differences.
2.  What area of the world do they live?
3.  Why is this area (where they live) imporant for their survival?
4.  Describe their habitat (home)?
5.  Describe their life cycle?
6.  What do they eat/hunt?
7.  How do they reproduce?
8.  What type of animal are they? How do they fit into that classification? Ex. reptile, mammal
9.  What interested you in choosing this animal?
10.  What is the most interesting thing you found about this animal you would like your classmates to know?

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