Monday, August 9, 2010

A. Making Subject Matter Comprehensible To Students

TPE1. Specific Pedagogical Skills For Subject Matter Instruction

How can technology help make subject matter comprehensible to students?
Today's students are surrounded with technology.  Technology occupies a large portion of their day from computers, to mp3 players, to video games.  Why not familiarize ourselves, as teachers, with the available technology we have to appeal to today's students.  Some of the technology that I have found useful are the smart board, computers, the Internet, and the DVD player.

Technology appeals to all types of learners; kinestetic, visual, auditory, and stimulates the all the multiple intelligences all in one lesson plan.  It is significant in this day and age to consider utilizing technology when planning a lesson. 

Here are some websites that I accessed when I taught a K-1 class:  I used this on a daily basis for calendar and learning the alpha bet  I used this also on a daily basis for counting


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