Monday, August 9, 2010

Standard B: Assessing Student Learning

TPE2. Monitoring Student Learning During Learning
TPE3. Interpretation And Use Of Assessments
My first way to ever use technology for a class was for assessment.  I called it game playing.  The students loved competing with each other through Internet games.  When teaching a 3rd class, I assessed my students multiplication through an Internet multiplication game. I noticed when playing the game on a regular basis, it also helped their rote memory in memorizing their math facts.   As a class, I create Jeopardy and Tic Tac Toe PowerPoint's to assess my students on a variety of lessons.
Some of the sites I use are: excellent site for math, spelling, and it even had geography  I love the blank jeapordy file you have to be a member, but I use this for my children.  Their school pays for each students usage.

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