Monday, August 9, 2010

Standard C: Engaging And Supporting Students In Learning

TPE4. Making Content Accessible
TPE5. Student Engagement
TPE6. Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Practices (K-3, 4-8, or 9-12)
TPE7. Teaching English Learners

How can technology help you engage and support students in learning?
I find that today technology is almost the most significant contributor to engaging my students in learning.  I've found and taught vowel songs on the Internet, mini supporting lessons in video, and I just created an Internet scavenger hunt.  I could also see the value of teaching and engaging English learners because technology is adaptable in all languages.  Technology can help bridge the gap for English learners because what they don't understand they can learn visually and auditory on the computer, or a learning DVD.

Here are some links I found:  I also used this one daily to learn the vowel song.  My students learned it in a day and knew their vowel in less and 2 days. this site has ideas  for teaching English Language Learners.

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